British Puzzles


What I call “British Puzzles” have less to do with where they’re made and more to do with subject matter. British puzzles are the British equivalent of Americana, images that deal with, and celebrate, British rural life. Although I’m American, I grew up reading Jane Austin, Agatha Christie, and Dickens and watching Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery!, so I have a love for all things British, particularly country life.

Here are some of my favorite manufacturers of British puzzles.


One of my favorite brands due their unusual piece shapes and lovely colorful images. Challenging and different!

HOP Banner  HOP Banner2  HOP Banner3

READ MORE ABOUT HOUSE OF PUZZLES HERE  or on their website here



The quintessential British puzzle maker–excellent quality and very British designs. Very standard piece shapes that can often seem to fit in multiple places add a extra challenge.

gibsonbanner2  gibsonbanner1  gibsonbanner3

READ MORE ABOUT GIBSON on their website here


Ravensburger UK

Ravensburger has various lines in different countries, but my favorite are their Ravensburger UK puzzles. 

farrier  ADITC_2_TheCountryStationb Ravensburger_BestOfBritish_9_CountryShow_2x500c

Above:  Rural Crafts No 3 “The Farrier”, Escape to the Country #2 “The Country Station”, Best of British #9 “County Show”


See more of Ravensburger UK’s current range on their website here



Falcon is now owned by Jumbo. The quality is excellent and the Falcon designs are very British.

 HomeSweetHome_1000 YeOldeTeaShoppe_1000 AB_TheCotswolds

Above: “Home Sweet Home”, “Ye Olde Tea Shoppe, “Summer Haze, Cotswolds”

You can see more Falcon puzzles here

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  1. I am trying to get a copy of puzzle for months now. It’s a hop puzzle called Fred’s Shed. That’s my dads name and he is ninety three years old and I would love to put together for his birthday. His birthday is the end of July.
    Can I get a copy here in the USA cause it cost a small fortune to ship it here?

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