Puzzles I’m Looking For

This page has some older puzzles that I’ve been searching for on ebay without much luck. If you have any leads, please email me at jigsawjunkieblog at gmail dot com.

“The Way to Heaven II”, 2000 pieces, by Heye

the way to heavenb

“S.D.I” by Loup, 2000 pieces, Heye



“Gothica” series from Holdson — 4 puzzles. “Earthward Bound”, “Lake of Tears”, “Gargoyle’s Embrace”, “Entwined”

EarthwardBound Entwined_gothica GargoylesEmbrace_gothica LakeOfTears_Delon


Are there puzzles you’re looking for?  Feel free to post a comment below and perhaps a site visitor will know where you can find it.






56 thoughts on “Puzzles I’m Looking For

Add yours

  1. HI all. New to this. Just completed a 2nd hand Lake of Tears by Hudson, to find I’m missing a piece. Anyone out there got an old set? Located New Zealand. Thanks all, Ryan.

  2. I have 3 rare Peter pans an old Lowe of a cartoon dog, Archie and Blondie by Jaymor

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