Puzzles I’m Looking For

This page has some older puzzles that I’ve been searching for on ebay without much luck. If you have any leads, please email me at jigsawjunkieblog at gmail dot com.

“The Way to Heaven II”, 2000 pieces, by Heye

the way to heavenb

“S.D.I” by Loup, 2000 pieces, Heye



“Gothica” series from Holdson — 4 puzzles. “Earthward Bound”, “Lake of Tears”, “Gargoyle’s Embrace”, “Entwined”

EarthwardBound Entwined_gothica GargoylesEmbrace_gothica LakeOfTears_Delon


Are there puzzles you’re looking for?  Feel free to post a comment below and perhaps a site visitor will know where you can find it.






44 responses to Puzzles I’m Looking For

  1. Emma Jones says:

    Does anyone know where I would be able get the Gothica Lake Of Tears puzzle? I’m trying to find it for a friend of mine.

  2. Mike W says:

    An oldie, but a classic. Somewhere out there, is a 1000 piece puzzle of the Map of Middle Earth by ICE.

  3. Victoria says:

    I am considering getting one of the Pomegranate puzzles with pictures done by Charley Harper. Which do you recommend? Any favourites?

    • Hi, Victoria — Pomegrante has amazing quality. I jsut finished one myself that I’ll be reviewing shortly (The Ultimate Alphabet: The Letter S). Their pieces are so thick! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. As for Charlie Harper, I reviewed his “Birdtopia” puzzle here. That’s a really nice one with the fall colors. Their latest one is Alpine Northwest, which I have and plan to review. Really, whichever of his images appeals to you. The quality is always good! Jane

  4. Shirley says:

    Looking for “Wild Strawberries Orchard” by Castorland.

  5. Dottie Stanfill says:

    I’m looking for
    Camping Trip – August 2015 Bits and Pieces. How can I buy it? Thanks.

  6. rcpweb says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m looking for Berlin by Ryba and have “2000” by Marino Degano for a trade. I’m also interested to buy and have others I can offer to trade.

    Thank you, Tom

  7. Debra says:

    I’m looking for Opera Germanica by Ryba. I know it’s out of print, does anyone have suggestions where to look other than ebay? Thanks in advance for any help!

    • kimscheinberg says:

      I have been looking for this one as well. Two sold on eBay in the last week for Buy It Now prices, and one sold on a site in the Netherlands. All disappeared within an hour of being offered for sale.

      It’s a very sought after puzzle, apparently.

  8. kimscheinberg says:

    I am looking for Gloria Porci by Ryba, the 1000 piece version. (That’s not to be confused with Pig Band or The Pig in Art.) I have only seen this come up for sale once in the last year and I still regret not buying it.

    I am also looking for Love Parade by Matt. (Matt and Jabo are my favorite Heye artists.)

  9. kimscheinberg says:

    Are you still looking for Sciences?
    I believe I have found a new copy which I can buy and have it shipped to you, all at my expense. Consider it a thank you for the terrific blog.
    (I am only asking because I don’t want to buy it if you’ve already found one.)

  10. Shannon says:

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for the following Heye puzzles: 2000 Years, History of Man, Go America, Astro World, Amazonas, Berlin, Go West, Opera Germanica, Egyptian Party, and New York. I don’t have any puzzles to trade but am more than willing to pay cash for the puzzles.

  11. Jennifer Lord says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m looking for the 1000 piece jigsaw ‘Victorian Dollhouse’ by American Puzzle Factory, or the 500 piece Gibson version – the 300 piece version is on Ebay at the moment, but I would much rather more pieces. Many thanks.

    • Julie Smith says:

      I have the 1,000 pc Victorian Dollhouse puzzle by Great American Puzzle Factory. I have not completed it yet but after I do, I likely will be selling it. If you’d like send me your email and I can drop you a line when I finish.

  12. alec hallwood says:

    I have the waddingtons 1995 nearly Christmas still boxed never been opened still has its letter of authenticity the word game and Christmas decoration. does any one know if it would be worth any money.

  13. ginny says:

    I am looking for two newer puzzles from Schmidt Spiele: In the Wilderness and Lighthouse at Twilight. All of the US online sources seem to be out or not yet offering these newer editions.

  14. Julie Smith says:

    I am looking for Chic in Black by Marcia Black, a 500 pc puzzle by SunsOut, James Christensen’s 1000 piece puzzle The Listener, also by SunsOut, Russ​ian Lacq​uer Pain​ting, 500 pc by Piatnik, Cleme​ntoni – Orie​nt Drea​m: Bird With Para​sol 1000 pcs, Schmidt Partytime puzzle, 1,000 pcs, and Three Fairies by Jumbo 1500 pcs,

    • kimscheinberg says:

      I’m pretty sure nearly EVERYONE is interested in New York by Ryba.
      It’s an expensive puzzle to ship. Where are you located?

      • rcpweb says:

        Australia. It’s massive and heavy.

        It’s also divided into 4 pieces so you don’t have to make a giant puzzle to begin with like I had to do.

  15. tuk says:

    I have a copy of Degano That’s life part 2 Heaven, brand new and factory sealed. Here are the Heye puzzles that I am interested in:

    Go West
    Opera Germanica
    Historia Comica 2
    Robin hood
    Ave Caesar

    Email me at tuk@rogers.com if you’re interested in a trade, cash, or combination of both. I am located in Canada.

    • Hi, Chen — thanks for the link. I have recently obtained that puzzle, but perhaps some of our readers will be interested!

    • Sly says:

      Hi Chen ! wondering if you can still get that Heye puzzle Life part 2 ? if so, pleade let me know here ! i’m interested

  16. Adam says:

    I’m looking for a 1500 piece puzzle by Educa produced a few years ago called Hobsyllwin and Kume. I have most puzzles of Ciruelo’s artwork but this one proving scarce… I am hoping to find this one stateside (there are 2 on eBay from Australia & shipping is more than the puzzle itself). TIA!

  17. Toni says:

    Hi everyone. Trying to find entwined (gothica) – holdson puzzle. I have the others. Trying to complete the set😊

    Anyone know where I might find it. Pls let me know.

    Tia. Toni.

  18. Akanksha Singh says:


    I’m trying to find S.D.I and Astronautics by Loup. They are similar but I would like to buy both of them. Please let me know if anyone is willing to sell these.

    Best wishes

  19. sandra stonesifer says:

    i am having no luck i had found a 3ply veneer wooden jigsaw puzzle faoschwarz 750pieces but have 772 never put together orignal receipt haven at sunset wanted to find out about please contact me thank you in advance

  20. Catherine says:

    Hi there I’m really desperately looking for I love the seaside by mike Jupp it’s the only one I can’t seem to find anywhere,I’m in the uk,willing to pay shipping costs ++

  21. Bradley says:

    I am looking for a Pez Dispenser puzzle from Springbok called “Pez-Zazzle. I had one like it in high school and I sold it on ebay 15 years ago. It is a 500 piece puzzle and I have it as a saved search on eBay so they will let me know when one is available, I just thought I’d check here.

  22. Carole says:

    I would like to find ‘Luciano’ of the Catology series.I am in Canada.

  23. Eli says:

    I’d love to get my hands on some Cris Ortega Haye Puzzles that I can’t seem to find anywhere. I’m trying to complete the Forgotten collection and these seem pretty hard to find. A few are on eBay for an exorbitant amount of money due to the shipping fee from overseas. If anyone local in the US has any of these and is willing to sell them, I’d be very interested in getting my hands on them. The puzzles are:

    Celtic Cross
    I can’t remember the name of the last one but it’s the Victorian lady with the blue dress

  24. carole long says:

    Hello..have any of you tried Book depository in England..free shipping all over the world..I have found Mike Wilks’ Letter B’ there and another less money than from Amazon.ca I am in Canada.Good people to work with,,rather a lot of ‘not available’ on the site..but they will more than likely get them later..I do realize they are actually Amazon..but when they say free delivery,they mean it.

  25. Eli says:

    I have not tried that though I feel like I have searched everywhere and still can’t find these Heye puzzles lol. I have found some of the Heye Cris Ortega puzzles(Forgotten collection) on eBay but there are three that do not appear to be anywhere. The puzzles are Lava, Reading, and Celtic Cross. A few sites in Australia seem to still have Celtic Cross in stock but do not ship to the US.
    If anyone has a lead on any of these or has them and is willing to sell them please message me at ecbas85@gmail.com thanks!

  26. Dave says:

    Does anyone have any info on Funk & Company? I got d one in a thrift shop and it seems like a quality puzzle. I see their puzzles for sale on Amazon, but for the most part, the prices are very high.

  27. occupationaltherapyjourney says:

    I have a unopened heye oscar barrientos museum 2000 puzzle and poster if anyone interested.
    I also have jabo casanova and ryba manhatton.

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