Puzzles I’m Looking For

This page has some older puzzles that I’ve been searching for on ebay without much luck. If you have any leads, please email me at jigsawjunkieblog at gmail dot com.

“The Way to Heaven II”, 2000 pieces, by Heye

the way to heavenb

“S.D.I” by Loup, 2000 pieces, Heye



“Gothica” series from Holdson — 4 puzzles. “Earthward Bound”, “Lake of Tears”, “Gargoyle’s Embrace”, “Entwined”

EarthwardBound Entwined_gothica GargoylesEmbrace_gothica LakeOfTears_Delon


Are there puzzles you’re looking for?  Feel free to post a comment below and perhaps a site visitor will know where you can find it.






54 thoughts on “Puzzles I’m Looking For

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  1. Hi everyone. Trying to find entwined (gothica) – holdson puzzle. I have the others. Trying to complete the set😊

    Anyone know where I might find it. Pls let me know.

    Tia. Toni.

  2. Hi

    I’m trying to find S.D.I and Astronautics by Loup. They are similar but I would like to buy both of them. Please let me know if anyone is willing to sell these.

    Best wishes

  3. Hey guys

    I am looking for S.D.I and Astronautics by Loup. I know these are similar but I would like to own both of them. Please let me know if anyone would like to sell any of these.

    Best wishes
    Akanksha Singh

  4. i am having no luck i had found a 3ply veneer wooden jigsaw puzzle faoschwarz 750pieces but have 772 never put together orignal receipt haven at sunset wanted to find out about please contact me thank you in advance

  5. Hi
    I have recently discovered Waddingtons 300 piece extra large jigsaws made in 1988.
    They are perfect for my very elderly parents, 90 and 92. Does anyone know how many designs were made ?
    So far we have done Trumps, Mickey Mouse, world Atlas and the Queen ?

  6. Hi to everyone 🙂 I’m looking for any older Heye jigsaws but two I’m really lusting after are both by Ryba and are called Romantic Town and The Seventh Day Of Creation. I’m more than happy to trade privately or on eBay and either swap or pay a fair amount. Oh and I’m down here in New Zealand 🇳🇿 🥝🙂

  7. Hi there I’m really desperately looking for I love the seaside by mike Jupp it’s the only one I can’t seem to find anywhere,I’m in the uk,willing to pay shipping costs ++

  8. I am looking for a Pez Dispenser puzzle from Springbok called “Pez-Zazzle. I had one like it in high school and I sold it on ebay 15 years ago. It is a 500 piece puzzle and I have it as a saved search on eBay so they will let me know when one is available, I just thought I’d check here.

  9. I’d love to get my hands on some Cris Ortega Haye Puzzles that I can’t seem to find anywhere. I’m trying to complete the Forgotten collection and these seem pretty hard to find. A few are on eBay for an exorbitant amount of money due to the shipping fee from overseas. If anyone local in the US has any of these and is willing to sell them, I’d be very interested in getting my hands on them. The puzzles are:

    Celtic Cross
    I can’t remember the name of the last one but it’s the Victorian lady with the blue dress

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