Puzzles I’m Looking For

This page has some older puzzles that I’ve been searching for on ebay without much luck. If you have any leads, please email me at jigsawjunkieblog at gmail dot com.

“The Way to Heaven II”, 2000 pieces, by Heye

the way to heavenb

“S.D.I” by Loup, 2000 pieces, Heye



“Gothica” series from Holdson — 4 puzzles. “Earthward Bound”, “Lake of Tears”, “Gargoyle’s Embrace”, “Entwined”

EarthwardBound Entwined_gothica GargoylesEmbrace_gothica LakeOfTears_Delon


Are there puzzles you’re looking for?  Feel free to post a comment below and perhaps a site visitor will know where you can find it.






55 thoughts on “Puzzles I’m Looking For

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  1. Hello..have any of you tried Book depository in England..free shipping all over the world..I have found Mike Wilks’ Letter B’ there and another less money than from Amazon.ca I am in Canada.Good people to work with,,rather a lot of ‘not available’ on the site..but they will more than likely get them later..I do realize they are actually Amazon..but when they say free delivery,they mean it.

  2. I have not tried that though I feel like I have searched everywhere and still can’t find these Heye puzzles lol. I have found some of the Heye Cris Ortega puzzles(Forgotten collection) on eBay but there are three that do not appear to be anywhere. The puzzles are Lava, Reading, and Celtic Cross. A few sites in Australia seem to still have Celtic Cross in stock but do not ship to the US.
    If anyone has a lead on any of these or has them and is willing to sell them please message me at ecbas85@gmail.com thanks!

  3. Does anyone have any info on Funk & Company? I got d one in a thrift shop and it seems like a quality puzzle. I see their puzzles for sale on Amazon, but for the most part, the prices are very high.

  4. I have a unopened heye oscar barrientos museum 2000 puzzle and poster if anyone interested.
    I also have jabo casanova and ryba manhatton.

  5. Hello, I am searching for a Heye Crime Scene 2000 piece puzzle. This puzzle appears to be out of print. Puzzle Warehouse says “no longer in stock” I don’t know if they rotate these puzzles and perhaps it will become available down the road. I really am interested in it, if the price is right.

  6. I have missed the emails with updates. I have just been introduced to puzzles of the Bgraamiens brand. Pleasantly surprised at the box and piece quality, challenging images, and creative grid pattern. Do you know where Bgraamiens is headquartered, or where the puzzles are made? Online searches have turned up nothing! Thank you!

  7. Hi, I’m looking for a NASA Commemoratives Edition moon puzzle. Does anyone know where I can buy it? Regards

  8. We are most interested in famous artwork puzzles and are disappointed that we are unable to find great western U.S. artwork puzzles by artists such as Charles Russell, Andrew Wyeth, Frederic Remington and Edward Curtis. In addition Jacob Lawrence artwork would be wonderful. We believe we’ve found a great source for Impressionist puzzles – Mondo Puzzles in, I believe, Italy. Pomegranate seems to have the best selection in the U.S. and we love the quality of their puzzles. Also Gold Collection from, I believe, Turkey.

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