Review: “Friends on Halloween” by Sunsout – 8/10

Publisher: Sunsout (US), Released ?? (There’s no date on the box, but I think it was 2013.) Title:  “Friends on Halloween” by artist Doug Laird, 1000 pieces OUR RATING: 8/10 It’s October, the month for Halloween puzzles! I plan to post a round-up of Halloween puzzles a bit later, but for now here’s a review of one of them I can recommend. Box Quality: As usual with Sunsout, the box itself is less than exciting. It’s overly large (12.5″ x 12.5″), aRead more

Review: “What if Dinosaurs Still Existed?” — Wasgij “What If” No 2

Published by Wasgij (a Jumbo company), 1000 pieces, May 2014 — Artwork by Bill Houston Our Rating:  10/10 I’m a fan of the Wasgij puzzles.  The idea is that the image on the box cover is only a clue as to the puzzle image.  It makes for a nice challenge not to be able to refer to the box completely while assembling the puzzle, though usually there are element which stay the same. The original series, which is essential a reverseRead more

Review: Ravensburger’s “Victorian Christmas” by Gale Pitt

Front of box shown above. The back of this box is blank. The certificate that comes in the box. As you may be able to tell from this site, I collect the limited edition Christmas puzzles from Waddington, Ravensburger, Gibson, and more.  I was recently able to find this puzzle on ebay to add to my collection. It’s the very first Ravensburger limited edition puzzle, released in 1997. It’s called “Victorian Christmas” and the box says it was specially commissioned fromRead more

Waddington’s 2014 Christmas Puzzle is here!

  The Waddington’s 2014 Limited Edition Christmas puzzle is on This is quite a different image compared to the past few years, which have been more scenic. But it’s colorful and looks like a lot of fun. Here’s the link: You can order this puzzle internationally. Ordering it from I was charged 4.95 pounds for shipping to the US. JJRead more

Review: Bunnies Vs Wolves by Heye

  Manufacturer:  Heye      Artist:  Francois Ruyer    Year:  2014    1000 Pieces, Triangular box         Purchase in the US (Puzzlewarehouse);   in UK (Amazon) I’m a big fan of Heye cartoon puzzles.  Francois Ruyer has done a few puzzles for Heye, and I hope he does many more.  I really enjoyed his “Bunnytown” (my review here).  2014’s “Bunnies Vs Wolves” is also very good.  Filled with bunny and wolf characters that are dressed similarly, you haveRead more

Review: “In the Garden” by House of Puzzles

“In the Garden” Brand: House of Puzzles, Artist:  Ray Cresswell #1 in the series “Find the Differences” The “Find the Differences” series of puzzles by HOP has a unique twist. The image you assemble is similar to the image on the box, but there are 15 ‘differences’.  That gives a bit more challenge to putting the puzzle together, as you have to be aware that things can change, like a man’s coat or the direction a bird is flying.  It’s notRead more

Review: Mike Jupp’s “I Love Spring”, 1000 pieces

  Company:  Gibson (UK)      Release Date: Sept 2011      Artist: Mike Jupp    Series:  “I Love” series Verdict:  9/10 stars I have all of Mike Jupp’s “I Love” puzzles.  I adore the humor and detail in these puzzles, and the clarity of Mike Jupp’s art.  It’s never muddy or slap-dash painterly the way some puzzle art is. No, everything in a Mike Jupp puzzle is perfectly drawn, colored, and finished. “I Love Spring” is one of the best inRead more