Review: “Harbor Master” by Hiro Tanikawa, Buffalo Games — 9/10

This is a gorgeous 2000-piece puzzle in a bright and fun cartoon style that should appeal to men and women alike. The colors are lovely, and there’s a lot of detail in this scene. The large size and the sketchy cartoon art style make this puzzle more challenging than most. Be prepared for a serious puzzling effort! The final puzzle is very large at 38.5″ x 26.5″ and feels like a major accomplishment. The finish is flat and smooth and the puzzle would look good framed. The Buffalo Games quality is quite good and pleasant to assemble, though there can be glare off the glossy surface under strong overhead lights. Recommended for those like cartoon puzzles, puzzles in larger sizes, or those are looking for something a little more challenging.Read more

Review: “A Trip to the Shops” by Trevor Mitchell, Gibsons — 9.5/10

Gibsons puzzles are a high-quality puzzle from the UK with beautiful blue boxes, very thick pieces, and a waxy matte finish. This set contains four separate 500-piece puzzles. The four puzzles together show a family spending the day in a market town and visiting various vintage shops and vendors. This is a lovely British nostalgia collection by artist Trevor Mitchell and was specifically commissioned by Gibsons. There’s so much color and detail in these images that assemble is very quick and easy. You can do each 500 piece puzzle separately or mix them together into a 2000 piece puzzle for more of a challenge. The 4×500 format is unique to Gibsons and offers something for all levels of puzzlers. Highly recommended.Read more

Review: “Rosemary’s Birds” by Rosemary Millette, Cobble Hill — 9/10

This is a very fun and easy 2000 piece puzzle to assemble. The six lovely vignettes around a central image break the puzzle into many smaller scenes, giving it a collage effect. The colors of the birds and flowers are bright and there’s abundance of patterns like the wood table, wicker basket, pine needles, and pine cones, to make even the green and brown areas a delight to put together. It’s like getting seven puzzles in one. Cobble Hill is a quality brand with a random puzzle cut and attractive boxes. I would have liked to have seen more information about the artist and image on the box or included inside. Recommended.Read more

Review: “Accolade” by Edward Blaire Leighton, Educa — 9.25/10

Publisher: Educa (Spain) Title:  “Accolade” by Edward Blaire Leighton, 2000 pieces Review by Gary Zahn Gary’s rating: 9.25/10 Before I start my review I would like to thank Jane for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful website. Thanks Jane. So now off to the review. Box Quality:  (10/10) The Educa boxes are very well made and sturdy. I really like the fact that you do not have to cut into the box with a knife to open it like someRead more

Review: “Sherlock and Co” by Gobel and Knorr, Heye 10/10

Publisher: Heye (Germany) Title:  “Sherlock and Co” by Doro Gobel and Peter Knorr, Heye, 2000 pieces Released Jan 2016 Review by Jane OUR RATING: 10/10 Box Quality:  (10/10) I have a thing for Heye triangular boxes, and I’m happy every year to add to my collection of them. Pretty much, if it’s in a Heye triangular box, I will get it. This year (2016) the boxes are as good as ever and, in fact, include more goodies inside the box than in previous years. The boxRead more

Buffalo Games: New Puzzles 2016

Buffalo Games releases puzzles throughout the year, so I will update this page as more are added.  I’ve pulled out my favorites to feature here, but you can see all their new puzzles on their website. “A Peach of a Day” by Charles Wysocki, 300 pieces Buffalo makes Wysocki puzzles in various sizes. Usually when they release one in 300 pieces I’m bummed because I don’t normally buy anything below 500. It just goes so fast it’s not worth it.Read more

Ravensburger US: New Puzzles for Winter 2016

Ravensburger US carries different puzzles than Ravensburger in Germany/Europe. They have some new puzzles on their website that are quite exciting. You can see them all here.  In this post, I’m just showing my favorites. “Fishing Fun”, 1000 pieces An outstanding collage puzzle. I don’t fish, but I’d still get it. “The Candy Shop”, 1000 pieces “Vacation Stamps”, 2000 pieces I love all the vignettes in this one and the larger 2000 piece size. “Sweets”, 2000 pieces “Oceania”, 3000 piecesRead more

Review: “Grandpa’s Potting Shed” by Steve Read, Buffalo Games – 9.5/10

Publisher: BuffaloGanes (US), published 2015 Title:  “Grandpa’s Potting Shed” by Steve Read Buffalo Games, 2000 pieces  OUR RATING: 9.5/10 I just completed this 2000 piece puzzle a few days ago, and I loved it! Box Quality:  (9/10) The Buffalo Games box is a smaller square shape, which saves room on the shelf. The front is shown above. The back of the box has a generic Buffalo Games back. The sides have a photo of the puzzle, the name, piece count, and manufacturer. TheRead more

New from Buffalo Games!

Buffalo Games has put some excellent new puzzles up on their website.  I’ve been collecting all of their Charles Wysocki cat puzzles, so I was happy to see two new ones. “Remington the Horticulturist” by Charles Wysocki, 750 pieces   “Frederick the Literate” by Charles Wysocki, 750 pieces There are also a number of Josephine Walls in 1000 pieces!  All the designs have been printed before (except, perhaps, The Race, which doesn’t look familiar). But if you don’t have them,Read more

Review: “Chinatown”, Heye, 9/10

  Publisher: Heye (Germany), published 2004 Title:  “Chinatown”, Artist: Hugo Prades, 2000 pieces  OUR RATING: 9/10 I finally worked this masterpiece I’ve had on my shelf for a while now. Fantabulous. Box Quality: I’m quite a fan of the Heye triangular boxes. I love the fun shape and they shelve well in pairs of two. They’re sturdy and colorful and just a nice change from all the rectangular boxes. You can see one front side of this triangular box above. The box hasRead more

Review: “Travel Shelves” by Ravensburger, 9/10

Publisher: Ravensburger (Germany), published Fall 2014 Title:  “Travel Shelves”, Artist: Aimee Stewart, 2000 pieces  OUR RATING: 9/10 With three new Aimee Stewart’s coming out from Ravensburger in 2015, it was past time to do last fall’s 2000 piece “Travel Shelves”. Box Quality: As always the Ravensburger box is sturdy and attractively designed. The back is a generic one, as shown below: Sides: The sides of the box show the image, Ravensburger logo, and piece count. Unfortunately, only one side has the name of the puzzleRead more

2015 Puzzles: 3 new from Buffalo Games

The Buffalo Games site has been updated with some new puzzles. My favorite is the 2000 piece puzzle “Grandpa’s Potting Shed”. Lot of nice color and detail. There’s also a new 2000 piece Kim Norlien puzzle, “Cabin Fever”. And a new Kim Norlein panorama in 750 pieces, “Freedom’s Promise”. And finally a new 1000 piece Coke puzzle “Life Tastes Good”. JJRead more