Review: “It’s Christmas” by Marcello Corti, Gibsons – 9/10

Publisher: Gibsons (UK) Title:  “It’s Christmas” by Marcello Corti, Gibsons, 1000 pieces, limited edition for 2015 Review by Jane OUR RATING: 9/10 Box Quality:  (10/10) The Gibsons boxes are of excellent quality–thick and sturdy with a very nice design. You can see the front above. I really like the special gold box they use for the limited edition Christmas series. Very ‘collectible’ in feel. The back of the box is custom and has information about this image and the artist. Inside the box is theRead more

New Spring puzzles from Bits and Pieces and Gibsons

There are a few new puzzles filtering out for Spring. Gibsons has put this one on their ‘new product’ page — a new Steve Crisp. I love it! Bits and Pieces has releases their Spring puzzles.  You can see them here (and their new puzzles are currently on sale).  Here are my favorite. Rose Cottage (shaped puzzle) by Rosiland Solomon I’m always happy to see a new shaped puzzle and this one is very nice! It comes in 750 orRead more

New Clemontini Puzzles

Clemontini has some new puzzles out.  You can see them all this puzzle-portal website.  There are some lovely photographic ones, if you like those, and some new Disney and National Geographics too. Here are my favorites. Mediterranean Tastes – 3 x 500 pieces.   This is a cute set to do for display in your kitchen. New York 3 x 500 piece puzzle set.   Mix these all up for a 1500 piecer if you like. I like the verticalRead more

Review: “Best of British #12 – The County Park”, Ravensburger, 10/10

  Publisher: Ravensburger (Germany), published Feb 2015 Title:  “Best of British #12: The County Park”, Artist: Geoff Tristram, 1000 pieces  OUR RATING: 10 I love the “Best of British” series because they’re both humorous cartoon puzzles and British/Anglophile puzzles at once. And of course, the artwork by Geoff Tristram (see our interview with Geoff here) is always clean, creative, and funny. Box Quality: (10/10) The box gets a perfect score. You can see the front above. As always, Ravensburger boxes are high quality,Read more

Review: “Cruise”, Heye, 8/10

Publisher: Heye (Germany), published Jan 2015 Title:  “Cruise”, Artist: Anders Lyon, 1500 pieces  OUR RATING: 8/10 Another brand new 2015 Heye puzzle hits my JigBoard! This one is “Cruise” in 1500 pieces.  How does it stack up? Box Quality: This puzzle comes in a Heye triangular box. Yay! I love the triangular boxes and it’s a treat to be able to get a new puzzle in one. You can see the front of the above. The back is below: Top: The top of theRead more

2015 Puzzles: New Heye Have Arrived!

I placed an order for some of the new Heye puzzles with this German website back on Dec 14. My box from Germany just arrived Monday Jan 19th! But I’m sure the Christmas holidays had something to do with that!  I wanted to share some pictures of the Heye boxes. You can click on any of these for a larger image. I made them fairly large so you can see the detail.   “Underwater” , Calligaro, 1000 pieces    “AlpineRead more

2015 Puzzles: Otter House First Look!

Otter House has released a new puzzle catalog for 2015. Yay!  You can see the whole thing here. You can even download a high res copy for your hard drive to save. (I love downloadable catalogs!) Here are a few of the new images. (NOTE: I haven’t added Otter House to our brand comparison yet, but you can see their quality in my review of one of their puzzles here.) NEW CHRISTMAS 2015 Wow, so Otter House is the first puzzleRead more

2015 Puzzles: Bits And Pieces Winter Puzzles

Bits and Pieces has put up 60 new puzzles for winter. You can see them all here.  Below are some I wanted to share on the blog. “Dream of the White Lion” by Liz Goodrick Dillon, 300 or 750 pieces A brand new shaped puzzle! Yay! And it’s lovely too. Definitely my favorite of the new puzzles.   “Ice Cream Parlor” by Helz Cuppleditch, 500 or 1000 pieces Bits and Pieces released a Christmas “blackboard” style puzzle last month fromRead more