Review: “A Trip to the Shops” by Trevor Mitchell, Gibsons — 9.5/10

Gibsons puzzles are a high-quality puzzle from the UK with beautiful blue boxes, very thick pieces, and a waxy matte finish. This set contains four separate 500-piece puzzles. The four puzzles together show a family spending the day in a market town and visiting various vintage shops and vendors. This is a lovely British nostalgia collection by artist Trevor Mitchell and was specifically commissioned by Gibsons. There’s so much color and detail in these images that assemble is very quick and easy. You can do each 500 piece puzzle separately or mix them together into a 2000 piece puzzle for more of a challenge. The 4×500 format is unique to Gibsons and offers something for all levels of puzzlers. Highly recommended.Read more

Review: “The Milkman’s Rounds”, Gibsons, 8/10

Publisher: Gibsons (UK), no date on box–around 2011? Title:  “The Milkman’s Rounds”, Artist: Trevor Mitchell, 4×500 pieces OUR RATING: 8/10 I’ve been wanting to try taking one of these Gibsons 4×500 piece sets and doing all four at the same time. I generally prefer 1000-2000 piece puzzles, so combining them makes a good challenge. All four fit at the same time on my 2000-piece jigboard. Box Quality: Gibsons has truly beautiful boxes. This one is a little shelf-worn because I purchased it onRead more