New Puzzle Round-Up: April 2019

I was going to talk about a specific brand today, but instead I saw a few things I wanted to feature in a lot of different brands so.... let's just talk new puzzles! We're still getting in new 2019 puzzles from Europe -- brands like Schmidt and Anatolian. And our perennial favorites have new releases... Continue Reading →

New Puzzles – July 2016

There are a lot of awesome new puzzles to talk about this month! Tis the season for the Christmas and Fall releases to start to appear. First, let's look at the ones that were just announced (and aren't yet in stock). NEW PUZZLE ANNOUNCEMENTS Buffalo Games Buffalo Games tends to release a few new puzzles a month... Continue Reading →

Anatolian: New Puzzles for 2016

The Anatolian line of puzzles from Perre has released their new 2016 iamges. You can see our brand comparison for Anatolian here. They are a Turkish puzzle company with decent quality and very reasonable prices, even here in the US. They have good distribution too. I've only pulled the images I like the best, but... Continue Reading →

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