New Brand Added: EEBOO!

It took a little longer than I’d planned to get this feature together, but I’m happy to present to you– eeboo! This exciting new brand out of New York City has been added to Puzzle Warehouse and to our brand comparison section. Check out the brand comparison feature and let me know what you think! Read more

New D-Toys Brand Comparison added

We’ve done a new Brand Comparison page for D-Toys puzzles that have the “wide variety of shapes” sticker (these are higher quality than their 2-shapes puzzles). Check out the new evaluation. The good news is: if you like their cartoon and folk art images, you can order them without worry. JaneRead more

Schmidt Premium added to our Brand Comparison!

A few weeks ago, a blog reader named Ginny contacted me with a question about Schmidt quality. She’d done a recent Schmidt puzzle and loved the quality, but then tried an older Schmidt puzzle and was disappointed. She found out via another website that Schmidt has recently introduced (2015) a new line called “Premium Quality”, which really is an overhaul of their puzzle quality. It turned out I had purchased one of these with my January Heye order, so I decidedRead more

New York Puzzle Company added to Brand Comparison

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full review of a new brand, but here we are. Wow! It’s a lot of detail work. 🙂  If you like vintage magazine covers, you’ll like this brand. See how they did by clicking on the image or link below. Read our review of New York Puzzle Company’s brand here. JJRead more

Puzzle Brand Comparison — Eurographics

This page is part of our Puzzle Brand Comparison. You can find the overview page here. SUMMARY: 63 points Eurographics is a very solid puzzle brand from Canada. They have a not-quite standard grid puzzle cut with a wide variety of piece shapes, nice thick pieces, good boxes, and a large variety of available images. They were dinged a bit for some moderate puzzle dust, glossy piece finish/light glare, and including nothing but the puzzle bag in the box. If you enjoyRead more

Updated Brand Comparison Criteria

Comparison Sheet Above: A glimpse at the new brand comparison criteria sheet from Jigsaw Junkie. When I first began doing a brand comparison back in September of 2014, I was flying by the seat of my pants. I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to find much on the web about what a puzzle brand REALLY looked like, inside the box and assembled, before purchasing that brand. What was unique about a brand? Good or bad about it? How wereRead more