Rare Heye puzzles on ebay right now

Just thought I'd let my readers know. I track Heye puzzles on ebay daily because there are still 2 rare ones I'm looking for. A bunch of rare Heye puzzles just went up, including "Ave Ceasar" (Loup), "Hotel World" (Prades), and "1001 Nights" (Prades).  If you are looking for older Heye puzzles, you might want... Continue Reading →

Review: “Fairy Tales”, Heye, 9/10

Publisher: Heye (Germany), published 2013 Title:  “Fairy Tales”, Artist: Hugo Prades, 1500 pieces OUR RATING: 9/10 I did this puzzle a while back, but had decent enough photos to do a review for the blog. So here we go! Box Quality: I'm a fan of the Heye triangular boxes. If you have a number of Heye... Continue Reading →

Review: “Apocalypse”, Heye, 10/10

Publisher: Heye (Germany), original pub 2000, reissued 2013 Title:  “Apocalypse”, Artist: Loup, 2000 pieces OUR RATING: 10/10 For my first post-Christmas puzzle, I decided on something a little more challenging, a 2000 piece Heye cartoon puzzle. I've had this one for a number of years and just hadn't tackled it. Time to get started! Box Quality: I'm a... Continue Reading →

Review: Bunnies Vs Wolves by Heye

  Manufacturer:  Heye      Artist:  Francois Ruyer    Year:  2014    1000 Pieces, Triangular box         Purchase in the US (Puzzlewarehouse);   in UK (Amazon) I'm a big fan of Heye cartoon puzzles.  Francois Ruyer has done a few puzzles for Heye, and I hope he does many more.  I really enjoyed... Continue Reading →

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