Educa & Eeboo 2019

Sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks, but I took a "sun break" vacation down to Florida. Of course, when I arrive back home to Pennsylvania, we had a foot of new snow! I'm more than ready for Spring. How about you? I'll be working on some puzzles for review now that I'm back... Continue Reading →

Fine Art – A Top Ten Jigsaw Puzzle List

Fine art puzzles have been around probably as long as puzzles have existed. It's an obvious concept--take already created masterpieces of the art world and make them into puzzles. It's so obvious one wonders why any other type of puzzle bothers to exist. After all, how can any new image compare to a long-established icon... Continue Reading →

New Educa Puzzles 2016 — Video

You can see all the new Educa puzzles for 2016 in this video.  I've pulled out the ones I particularly like below. Educa has a new box design, as you can see in the photos below. I like it! "The Garden Shelf" by Aimee Stewart, 1500 pieces Ravensburger has released a lot of 'shelf' puzzles by... Continue Reading →

2015 Puzzles: Educa First Look

Educa is a puzzle maker in Spain. You can see our brand comparison here. I liked their fantasy puzzles in the past, but there's little fantasy in this year's catalogue. There are, however, some interesting puzzles. You can see their entire new line-up here.  I've pulled out some I thought were interesting. 1. Three new cartoon... Continue Reading →

Review: “Guardian Angel” by Educa, 7/10

  Publisher: Educa (Spain), 2007/2008, 1500 pieces Title:  “Guardian Angel”  Artists: Victoria Frances OUR RATING: 7/10 I picked this puzzle out to start on Halloween night. I've never done a Victoria Frances puzzle before, or really any puzzle this gothic or fantasy in image design. So how was it? Box Quality: I really like the Educa box. All... Continue Reading →

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