New & Rerleased Shaped puzzles from Bits & Pieces

I just got an email about the new Fall puzzles from Bits & Pieces. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t a ‘brand new’ fall-themed shaped puzzle, but there is a cute ‘camping’ one that was released about a month ago. “Camping Trip” comes in 750 or 300 pieces and is by artist Thomas Wood. It’s on sale now for $12.99. I also found this new shaped puzzle on their site — “Puppy Preschool” by Jack Williams comes in 300 or 750 pieces.   ThisRead more

New JVH Puzzles for Fall 2015!

As usual, the wonderful website has the new Jan Van Haasteren puzzle announcements first. Look at what’s coming! Chaos in the Field and Fun In The Park — 150 pieces each First, there are 2 new 150 piece puzzles. These are too small for me, but “Chaos in the Field” looks like an image that might later become at least 500 pieces.   Lawn Mower Race — 1000 or 2000 pieces This is a brand new image from JanRead more