New Puzzles: June 2019

The new puzzles start to come in fast and furious starting late June/July timeframe. Some manufacturers release twice annually, including June. Christmas puzzles begin to be announced. And there’s a rush of new summer-themed puzzles. First, let’s take a look at what’s new at Puzzle Warehouse, shall we?  Here are my favorites from the new selection. 14. “The Gossip Party” by Les Ray, Sunsout (1000 pieces) This reminds me of a Susan Brabeau image but it’s not. I like allRead more

TOP TEN: The Best Pomegranate Puzzles

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about Pomegranate.  They’re one of the classiest, highest quality American puzzle brands out there. They feature gorgeous boxes, thick pieces with a nice matte finish, and outstanding fine art images. I’ve been in a Pomegranate mood lately. I’ve working on one for review, but I thought it was time to take a look at their current puzzle line available on Puzzle Warehouse. You can see all Pomegranate puzzles here. The photo below shows theRead more

Fine Art – A Top Ten Jigsaw Puzzle List

Fine art puzzles have been around probably as long as puzzles have existed. It’s an obvious concept–take already created masterpieces of the art world and make them into puzzles. It’s so obvious one wonders why any other type of puzzle bothers to exist. After all, how can any new image compare to a long-established icon like “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt or “Luncheon of the Boating Party” by Renoir? Fortunately, for lovers of diversity in their puzzles (like me), thereRead more

Review: “Flower Festival” by Diego Rivera, Eurographics – 8.75/10

This gorgeous puzzle by Diego Rivera offers the best of two worlds–it’s a fine art image but it also feels contemporary, colorful, and far from fussy or dull. The bright colors and random cut make assembly interesting. It has enough difficulty to appeal to a true puzzler, but isn’t too hard for a family puzzle night. When you’re done, you’ll have an image worthy of framing. Recommended.Read more

Review: “The Alpine Northwest” by Charley Harper, Pomegranate – 8.5/10

Charley Harper’s National Park posters are lovely minimalist images of the American wilderness and make terrific puzzles, particularly when paired with Pomegranate’s excellent quality. Thick pieces, a good collectible box, and a puzzle finish that is soft to the touch, all make this brand a wonderful puzzling experience. “The Alpine Northwest” isn’t as colorful as some Charley Harper images, and there are a lot of white pieces here. But the assembly was fun and never frustrating. In the end you’ll have an image ideal for framing. Recommended.Read more

Review: “The Sierra Range” by Charley Harper, Pomegranate – 9.5/10

  Publisher: Pomegranate (USA) Title: “Sierra Range” by Charley Harper, 1000 pieces Review by Victoria OUR RATING: 9.5/10 JJ: This is Victoria’s first submitted review. Thank you, Victoria! Box Quality: 9/10 The box is shown above. It is of sturdier construction than the typical Ravensburger or Jumbo boxes; however it is a bit smaller. Although the inside did not contain any leaflets or special information, the puzzle did come in a resealable bag and no puzzle dust was observed. TheRead more

Review & Giveaway: “The Ultimate Alphabet: The Letter S” by Mike Wilks, Pomegranate, 10/10

Publisher: Pomegranate (US) Title:  “The Ultimate Alphabet: The Letter S” by Mike Wilks, 1000 pieces Release date:  end of 2015 Review by Jane OUR RATING: 10/10 GIVEAWAY: Pomegranate has offered us a free copy of this puzzle to one lucky winner! To enter, simply comment on this post and name ten things in the puzzle that start with the letter “S” (you can use the pictures in this post as a guide). I’ll pick a winner randomly from all those who respond and qualify. GoodRead more

Review: “Accolade” by Edward Blaire Leighton, Educa — 9.25/10

Publisher: Educa (Spain) Title:  “Accolade” by Edward Blaire Leighton, 2000 pieces Review by Gary Zahn Gary’s rating: 9.25/10 Before I start my review I would like to thank Jane for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful website. Thanks Jane. So now off to the review. Box Quality:  (10/10) The Educa boxes are very well made and sturdy. I really like the fact that you do not have to cut into the box with a knife to open it like someRead more