Review: “Best of British #15: The Supermarket” by Ravensburger – 9/10

Publisher: Ravensburger (Germany), 2016 Title:  “Best of British #15: The Supermarket” by Geoff Tristram, 1000 pieces Review by Jane OUR RATING: 9/10 Box Quality:  (10/10) The box is shown above and below. The box is sturdy and nicely designed. It includes a small poster with info on the series and artist. Back: The back of the box has a generic “Ravensburger quality” image. The sides: All sides show the Ravensburger logo, a close-up detail from the image, the piece count and the name ofRead more

Ravensburger – New Winter 2016 Puzzles

I posted a link to the new Ravensburger 2016 catalogue a week or so ago. I still don’t have great pictures of the new puzzles, but since I’m working on a 2016 master page, I’m going to post the best pictures I could get from the online pdf catalogue. These are my picks from the new 2016 puzzles. You can see the entire 2016 catalogue here. NEW WHAT IF? PUZZLES (art by Geoff Tristram) 2 new “What If?” puzzles wereRead more

Two new “What If” puzzles!

For Fall, Ravensburger has released two brand new “What If” puzzles by artist Geoff Tristram.  If you’re not familiar with this series, it’s similar to Wasgij. The image on the box is NOT the puzzle image. The puzzle image is a ‘what if’ riff off the box image. You can read our interview with artist Geoff Tristram here or read our review of a “What If?” puzzle here. These both look like a lot of fun. Right to the topRead more

Review: “Best of British #12 – The County Park”, Ravensburger, 10/10

  Publisher: Ravensburger (Germany), published Feb 2015 Title:  “Best of British #12: The County Park”, Artist: Geoff Tristram, 1000 pieces  OUR RATING: 10 I love the “Best of British” series because they’re both humorous cartoon puzzles and British/Anglophile puzzles at once. And of course, the artwork by Geoff Tristram (see our interview with Geoff here) is always clean, creative, and funny. Box Quality: (10/10) The box gets a perfect score. You can see the front above. As always, Ravensburger boxes are high quality,Read more

Puzzle Maker Interviews: Geoff Tristram

I’m thrilled to have Geoff Tristram on Jigsaw Junkie today! Geoff is an artist and cartoonist who does a few of my favorite puzzle series. He’s the artist behind Ravensburger’s “Best of British” series, their “What If?” series, and “Cat-ology”, published by Masterpieces. I’ll be sharing images of his work throughout this interview. JJ: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from and where you live now. GT:  My name is Geoff Tristram. I’m a professional artist andRead more

Review: “Cat-Ology: Hemingway” by Masterpieces

Publisher: Masterpieces (US), Released 2014 Title:  “Cat-Ology: Hemingway” by artist Geoffrey Tristram, 1000 pieces OUR RATING: 7/10 This is a bit of a departure from the puzzles I normally do, but I wanted to do another MasterPieces puzzle for my brand comparison–and I love Geoffrey Tristram. He is better known for his cartoony images. He does images mostly for Ravensburger these days (he’s the artist behind their “Best of British” and “What If?” series, two of my favorites).  But he also didRead more

Best New Fall Puzzles 2014

There have been a lot of new puzzle releases this summer and fall. So what are some of the most outstanding?  Here are my picks. FALCON — “Halloween” by Tony Ryan.  I love Halloween puzzles, and there aren’t too many good ones out. So I was excited to see this lovely entry to the genre.  It’s a traditional English town square but with costumed revelers, ghost clouds, and pumpkins. Falcon is made by Jumbo, a good, solid German brand. This puzzleRead more

Ravensburger’s 2014 Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle & 2 new “What Ifs”

Three new Ravensburger puzzles cropped up on Amazon today. One is the 2014 limited edition Christmas puzzle from Ravensburger. In addition to this treat, Ravensburger has released two new puzzles in their “What If” series of wasgij-like puzzles as well. Check them out!  Also see our Limited Edition Christmas Page for more Christmas puzzles! “The Christmas Farm” on and   What If #7 “The Portrait” on and Puzzle Warehouse in the US   What If #8 “The Racehorse”Read more

Wasgij Christmas puzzle 2014 — First Look!

The new Wasgij Christmas puzzle for 2014, #10 “The Mystery Shopper!”, just went on sale in the UK.  Here’s a look at it:   The Christmas puzzle this year comes in a box with TWO 1000 puzzles, the box image and the wasgij (reversed) image. I love the puzzle image and can’t wait to see what the wasgij image is. Personally, I would just as soon only have the wasgij image as I will never do the box image (and pairingRead more