Feature: Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

I love holiday puzzles, and next to Christmas, my favorite season is Halloween.  While there is a veritable cornucopia of Christmas puzzles, the Halloween offerings are much more bare bones–pun intended. Here are some of the best Halloween puzzles on the market. NEW RELEASES FOR 2014: Falcon: “Halloween” by Tony Ryan (1000 pieces) A lovely English village scene with trick-or-treaters. The colors are nice and not overly dark. Now out in the UK and US should follow soon.    Read more

Review: “Friends on Halloween” by Sunsout – 8/10

Publisher: Sunsout (US), Released ?? (There’s no date on the box, but I think it was 2013.) Title:  “Friends on Halloween” by artist Doug Laird, 1000 pieces OUR RATING: 8/10 It’s October, the month for Halloween puzzles! I plan to post a round-up of Halloween puzzles a bit later, but for now here’s a review of one of them I can recommend. Box Quality: As usual with Sunsout, the box itself is less than exciting. It’s overly large (12.5″ x 12.5″), aRead more

Review: “Zombie Mayhem” by Bits and Pieces

    The newly-released shaped puzzle from Bits and Pieces is a ton of fun. It’s hard to find good Halloween puzzles, and this one is superb. The zombie theme is cute, there’s lots of funny detail in the image, and the unusual shaped border makes it an interesting challenge to assemble. We did the 750 piece version of this puzzle. The ‘monster’ starts to take shape: The thick pieces, bright colors, and unusual piece shapes makes the puzzle a pleasureRead more