New House of Puzzles, July 2016

The House of Puzzles brand from Scotland has announced their new puzzles for July 2016. They're hard to get in North America, so if you're in the UK you're in luck. If not, your best bet at the moment is ebay. But hopefully they will have US distribution in the future. Here are my top picks of... Continue Reading →

Puzzle News Update

There are some bits and pieces of news to share. First, the Nuremberg Toy Fair is this weekend. Unfortunately, yours truly is not there. But there has been a bit of news from it. Heye posted some photos of their booth -- Ravensburger announced they're going to be doing a new 18,000 piece Colin Thompson... Continue Reading →

Feature: Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

I love holiday puzzles, and next to Christmas, my favorite season is Halloween.  While there is a veritable cornucopia of Christmas puzzles, the Halloween offerings are much more bare bones--pun intended. Here are some of the best Halloween puzzles on the market. NEW RELEASES FOR 2014: Falcon: "Halloween" by Tony Ryan (1000 pieces) A lovely... Continue Reading →

2014 Christmas Puzzles are here!

All of my favorite brands of limited edition Christmas puzzles have now been released for 2014. And without further ado, here they are:   Waddington's 2014 Christmas Puzzle -- "Santa's Workhop", 1000 pieces  (purchase link here--ships worldwide)   Ravensburger's 2014 Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle "The Christmas Farm"  (Purchase Link Here for US and Here for... Continue Reading →

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