New Gibsons Releases Apr 2016!

Gibsons has released six new puzzles. “Vinyl Revival”, 1000 pieces “Jellies and Ice” by Jim Mitchell, 1000 pieces Jim Mitchell is one of the artists I collect. I love this one! “A Dog’s Life” by John Francis, 500 pieces “The Grand” by Derek Roberts, 636 pieces “New Friends”, XL 500 or regular 500 “Mods and Rockers” by Kevin Walsh, 2×500 You can buy them on jigsawpuzzlesdirect here. They should be filtering out to the other usual places soon. JJRead more

Series Review: “Whoopsies” by John Francis

The “Whoopsies” series was created by artist John Francis and published by Gibsons (UK) between 2011 and 2013. The series was possibly created to take advantage of the popularity of “busy” or “crowded” puzzles like those by Jan Van Haasteren.  Each puzzle is a scene showing a variety of characters in the midst of assorted blunders. To be honest, I didn’t take to this series the first time I saw one. It took a few views for the art style toRead more

New Gibson Puzzles Jul 2014

Gibson is releasing more new puzzles in July. Here’s a first look.  These are not yet on Amazon.   (click for close-up) First is a Christmas puzzle called “Midnight Delivery” by artist Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces. This image is one that was released by Falcon a few years ago and has been modified. But this is such a wonderful puzzle image, and the colors on the Falcon were a bit dull.  I’m looking forward to seeing Gibson’s version.  Note thatRead more