Bits And Pieces: New Spring 2016 Puzzles

Bits and Pieces have released their new puzzles for spring. There are some nice ones. You can see them all here. Below are my favorites. “Pony and Pals” by Jack Williams, 750 or 300 pieces This is the only new shaped puzzle in the offering, which is a little disappointing. In previous years, they’ve offered spring themed puzzles like “Ducklings”. But this is a nice enough shaped puzzle. As always, to Bits and Pieces: More variety of shaped puzzles please!Read more

Bits and Pieces: New Puzzles for Winter 2016

Bits and Pieces releases puzzle throughout the year, but the bulk of new releases are seasonal. Their new ‘winter catalogue’ has a number of new puzzles. (A few of these are also from the end of 2015). I’ve pulled out my favorites below, but you can see all their new puzzles here. “Birdhouse Quilt” by Helz Cuppelditch, 1000 or 500 pieces I like the blackboard-and-chalk style puzzles Bits and Pieces has been releasing from Helz Cuppelditch lately. (There was aRead more

Sunsout: New Puzzles 2016!

The Sunsout website has their new 2016 puzzles up.  You can see them all here. I’ve put my favorites below.  Overall, I’m disappointed not to see more shaped puzzles. Hopefully they will release some over the year. “Birds of a Feather” and “Chat Noire” from Finchley Arts, both 1000 pieces. “The Village in Autumn” by Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces “Butterfly Menagerie” by Aimee Stewart, 1000 pieces One of the only nice new shaped puzzles they have. “Abundant Garden” by AimeeRead more