New Puzzles: July 2017

  July is always a big month for new puzzle announcements! This is the time of the year that we see the big limited edition Christmas puzzles and many companies have mid-year releases in July! I have a lot to talk about this month including new puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse as well as some releases/announcements in Europe that we’ll be getting over here hopefully soon. Scroll down for the new Christmas puzzles for 2017! For your Edification – A TipRead more

New Puzzles: May 2017

I hope everyone has had a nice start to their spring. It’s gorgeous here in Pennsylvania with cooler temps and lots of green! I enjoy puzzling by an cracked open window in the evenings to get that fresh breeze. Let’s take a look at what’s hit the market since my last new puzzle roundup in March…. For your Edification – A Tip on Saving Shipping Costs: I used to never order a single puzzle because the shipping cost for just one canRead more

New Jan Van Haasteren puzzles announced!

A few new Jan Van Haasteren puzzles have been announced. These won’t be out until September, but we can drool over them now! First is a new puzzle called “New Year’s Dip”, which will come out solo in 2000 pieces, or in a set in 1000 pieces (with the older image, “Eleven City ice Tour”, and a scarf). “New Year’s Dip” looks like a good one! I’ll definitely want to do the 2000 piece version. There’s also a brand new imageRead more

Waddington’s 2014 Christmas Puzzle is here!

  The Waddington’s 2014 Limited Edition Christmas puzzle is on This is quite a different image compared to the past few years, which have been more scenic. But it’s colorful and looks like a lot of fun. Here’s the link: You can order this puzzle internationally. Ordering it from I was charged 4.95 pounds for shipping to the US. JJRead more

Ravensburger’s 2014 Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle & 2 new “What Ifs”

Three new Ravensburger puzzles cropped up on Amazon today. One is the 2014 limited edition Christmas puzzle from Ravensburger. In addition to this treat, Ravensburger has released two new puzzles in their “What If” series of wasgij-like puzzles as well. Check them out!  Also see our Limited Edition Christmas Page for more Christmas puzzles! “The Christmas Farm” on and   What If #7 “The Portrait” on and Puzzle Warehouse in the US   What If #8 “The Racehorse”Read more

New Gibson Puzzles Jul 2014

Gibson is releasing more new puzzles in July. Here’s a first look.  These are not yet on Amazon.   (click for close-up) First is a Christmas puzzle called “Midnight Delivery” by artist Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces. This image is one that was released by Falcon a few years ago and has been modified. But this is such a wonderful puzzle image, and the colors on the Falcon were a bit dull.  I’m looking forward to seeing Gibson’s version.  Note thatRead more

Wasgij Christmas puzzle 2014 — First Look!

The new Wasgij Christmas puzzle for 2014, #10 “The Mystery Shopper!”, just went on sale in the UK.  Here’s a look at it:   The Christmas puzzle this year comes in a box with TWO 1000 puzzles, the box image and the wasgij (reversed) image. I love the puzzle image and can’t wait to see what the wasgij image is. Personally, I would just as soon only have the wasgij image as I will never do the box image (and pairingRead more

Six New Puzzles from Gibsons

Gibsons Puzzles (a UK brand) released six new jigsaw puzzles in April 2014. Above:  “Knobbly Knees” by artist Jim Mitchell, 500 pieces Above:  “Portishead Then And Now” by artist Bryan Evans, 636 pieces Above: “Life in the Slow Lane” by artist Czes Pachela, 1000 pieces Above:  “Summer Saturday On Snow Hill” by artist Philip D Hawkins, 1000 pieces Above: “Salcombe Harbour” by Terry Harrison, 1000 pieces Above: “An Apple A Day” by Steve Crisp, 1000 pieces So what do you think?Read more