New Heye 2017!

I’m so excited that the new Heye puzzles for 2017 are here! Well, they’re not here, as in physically–not yet. But we have the new catalog so I can announce them on the blog. As for an ETA for Puzzle Warehouse to get them in stock, we order them as soon as possible and will get them as soon as the distributor ships them to us. Usually that’s January/February time frame. Remember if you are on the premium Puzzle of the Month,Read more

Ravensburger and Gibsons 2016 Christmas Puzzles Announced!

July is when we start seeing the Christmas puzzles announced. Very exciting! This year is stacking up to be a great one. RAVENSBURGER 2016 LIMITED EDITION CHRISTMAS PUZZLE:  “Santa’s Christmas Party” by Roy Trower This is the 20th in the Ravensburger limited edition Christmas series. It’s beautiful!  Look at all the lovely detail in the dancing figures and that pretty winter scene backdrop. Outstanding! The box looks terrific too with a custom back about the puzzle. GIBSONS 2016 LIMITED EDITIONRead more

New Puzzles for June 2016

There are some cool new puzzles to talk about. First, let’s look at the ones that were just announced (and aren’t yet in stock). NEW PUZZLE ANNOUNCEMENTS Buffalo Games First, some new puzzles from Buffalo Games including a new 2000 piecer called “Sweet Shop”! Also, I was very excited to see this Wysocki Halloween themed puzzle. It was published by Milton Bradley many years ago, and has been very pricey on the used puzzle market. I only wish they offeredRead more

Puzzle News — Feb 21, 2015

There are a few tidbits to share with you. I’m recovering from a cold/sinus infection so I haven’t been posting much, but I have two puzzles done that I plan to review — “Best of British: The County Park” (Ravensburer) and “Tall Ship Chaos” (JVH/Jumbo). Both were excellent! In the news, the 2015 Heye puzzles are now at Puzzle Warehouse (US) And the 2015 Ravensburger US puzzles are now at amazon US and simplepastimes. Simple Pastimes also has a fewRead more

Puzzle Maker Interviews: Geoff Tristram

I’m thrilled to have Geoff Tristram on Jigsaw Junkie today! Geoff is an artist and cartoonist who does a few of my favorite puzzle series. He’s the artist behind Ravensburger’s “Best of British” series, their “What If?” series, and “Cat-ology”, published by Masterpieces. I’ll be sharing images of his work throughout this interview. JJ: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from and where you live now. GT:  My name is Geoff Tristram. I’m a professional artist andRead more

2015 Puzzles: New Wasgij Series “Imagine”!

We not only have some new Wasgij puzzles for Jan 2015, we have a whole new series. The name of the series is “Imagine”. The first release (Imagine #1) is quite an unusual approach, because it is not one but THREE different puzzles. The box image is the same for all three, but the image you will assemble will be different based on the specific ‘what if’ or ‘imagining’ per box.  In the case of Imagine #1 the set-up isRead more

2015 Puzzles: Two New Wasgij – Destiny #15 and Mystery #11

Tis the season for new puzzle releases and FIVE new Wasgij puzzles just hit the market in the UK. In addition to launching a whole NEW LINE called Imagine, which deserves it’s own post, there are two new entries in existing Wasgij series. WASGIJ MYSTERY #11:  “Childcare!”, 1000 pieces In the Wasgij mystery puzzles, you’re not assembling the image on the box, but rather a ‘what happened next’ scene based on the box image. This one looks like a lotRead more

2015 Puzzles: Ravensburger First Look! has put up their 2015 Spring/Summer catalogue!  The new puzzles for 2015 will be available in January.  You can look at or download the 2015 catalogue pdf here. Currently, the pdf has low res images of the puzzles and they are not on Amazon or other online retailers yet, so we can only get a general idea of what the new puzzles look like. But here are a few of my favorites.Read more

2015 Puzzles: Cobble Hill First Look!

Most puzzle companies release their largest selection of new images in January, making that month a sort of puzzler’s late Christmas. We’ll be covering 2015 new releases here on Jigsaw Junkie. And the fun has already begun. Cobble Hill has released a sneak peek at their 2015 line-up. These ‘earlybird’ puzzles can be ordered from selected retailers now and from pretty much everywhere in January. Here’s their two page spread of all their sneak peek puzzles. And here’s our brand comparisonRead more