Review: “Best of British #12 – The County Park”, Ravensburger, 10/10

  Publisher: Ravensburger (Germany), published Feb 2015 Title:  “Best of British #12: The County Park”, Artist: Geoff Tristram, 1000 pieces  OUR RATING: 10 I love the “Best of British” series because they’re both humorous cartoon puzzles and British/Anglophile puzzles at once. And of course, the artwork by Geoff Tristram (see our interview with Geoff here) is always clean, creative, and funny. Box Quality: (10/10) The box gets a perfect score. You can see the front above. As always, Ravensburger boxes are high quality,Read more

Review: “Tall Ship Chaos” by JVH Studios, Jumbo — 9.5/10

Publisher: Jumbo (Netherlands), published Feb 2015 Title:  “Tall Ship Chaos”, Artist: Jan Van Haasteren Studios (Rob Derks), 1000 pieces  OUR RATING: 9.5 This is one of my favorite of the new 2015 images. I love JVH puzzles and this one is particularly nice. First, it’s a brand new image from JVH Studios (and done by Rob Derks). Second, it’s colorful and very appealing. After putting the puzzle together I still think it’s one of the best of Winter 2015! Box Quality: (8/10) TheRead more

Review: “Apocalypse”, Heye, 10/10

Publisher: Heye (Germany), original pub 2000, reissued 2013 Title:  “Apocalypse”, Artist: Loup, 2000 pieces OUR RATING: 10/10 For my first post-Christmas puzzle, I decided on something a little more challenging, a 2000 piece Heye cartoon puzzle. I’ve had this one for a number of years and just hadn’t tackled it. Time to get started! Box Quality: I’m a fan of the Heye triangular boxes. If you have a number of Heye puzzles, they store easily and attractively by placing them “end out” onRead more

Review: Winter’s Majesty by Jumbo, 10/10

Publisher: Jumbo (Netherlands), 1999, 1000 pieces Title:  “Winter’s Majesty”, Series: “Silver Collection”,  Artist: Karl Bang OUR RATING: 10/10 One of the things I really love about puzzles is the opportunity to find artists I otherwise would never experience. And it’s a great way to really see and absorb their artwork because you spend a lot of time with it while assembling the puzzle. While Googling around for fantasy puzzles, I found the Silver Collection and Gold Collection by Jumbo. These puzzles were publishedRead more

Review: “The Twelve Days of Christmas” by Waddingtons (1994)

Publisher: Waddingtons (UK), Released 1994 Title:  “Twelve Days of Christmas” by artist Anne Graham Johnstone, 1000 pieces OUR RATING:  10/10 This is the very first Waddingtons limited edition Christmas puzzle published in 1994.  The back of the box says the image was commissioned by Waddingtons specifically for this puzzle from illustrator Anne Graham Johnstone. The image contains all the elements from Twelve Days of Christmas (ten lords a-leaping, etc). The box is gorgeous–very sturdy and with a gold and silver foil background (it’s highly reflective andRead more

Review: “What if Dinosaurs Still Existed?” — Wasgij “What If” No 2

Published by Wasgij (a Jumbo company), 1000 pieces, May 2014 — Artwork by Bill Houston Our Rating:  10/10 I’m a fan of the Wasgij puzzles.  The idea is that the image on the box cover is only a clue as to the puzzle image.  It makes for a nice challenge not to be able to refer to the box completely while assembling the puzzle, though usually there are element which stay the same. The original series, which is essential a reverseRead more

Review: “Christmas Treats” by House of Puzzles (1000 pieces)

Front of the box.  The back of the box is blank. This is 2014’s limited edition Christmas puzzle from House of Puzzles, No 9 in their limited edition Christmas series. It’s called “Christmas Treats” and the artwork is by Ray Cresswell. This puzzle really IS a treat. I collect the Christmas puzzles from various brands and I enjoyed the fact that this puzzle design is different than the usual Santa-and-reindeer. It’s a cozy vintage shop scene with plenty of uniqueRead more

Review: “Zombie Mayhem” by Bits and Pieces

    The newly-released shaped puzzle from Bits and Pieces is a ton of fun. It’s hard to find good Halloween puzzles, and this one is superb. The zombie theme is cute, there’s lots of funny detail in the image, and the unusual shaped border makes it an interesting challenge to assemble. We did the 750 piece version of this puzzle. The ‘monster’ starts to take shape: The thick pieces, bright colors, and unusual piece shapes makes the puzzle a pleasureRead more

Review: Jan Van Haasteren’s “The Dog Show”, 1500 pieces

This is one of the best JVH puzzles I’ve ever done. What I liked: 1. The 1500 piece size is ideal for me–a bit more challenging than my usual 1000 piece puzzle, but still just barely fits in my puzzle tray. 2. Although there’s plenty going on, it is not as crowded as some JVH puzzles like “Winter Fair” and “King’s Inauguration“. Also, each character and dog has distinctive clothing (or fur), so it’s really not a different puzzle, justRead more

Review: “Bunnytown” by Heye, 1000 pieces

Company: Heye (Germany)       Release Date: 2013          Artist:  Francois Ruyer   Verdict:  10/10 This was a very fun puzzle to put together.  Heye’s pieces are standard shaped and a bit smaller in size than some brands, so not for those with difficulty with eyesight or who like large-sized pieces.  But I love Heye and have no trouble with their piece size.  The quality of the pieces is good–sturdy and clean cut.  The colors are veryRead more