Review: “Christmas Village” by Nicky Boehme, Buffalo Games – 8.5/10

“Christmas Village” is a lovely holiday puzzle from artist Nicky Boehme and Buffalo Games that’s easy to assemble. The beautiful and nostagic wintery scene is from an oil painting, and it brings back wonderful memories of Christmas’s past. Buffalo Games’s quality is very good with sturdy pieces and a well-designed box. The puzzle has a grid cut with a nice variety of piece shapes including a few zig-zag shaped pieces. The panoramic design of this puzzle makes for a nice change from the usual rectangular size. No poster is included in this box, and the box image is a little on the small side, but I didn’t have too much difficulty with that. Recommended to all fans of Christmas puzzles.Read more

Review: “Cruise”, Heye, 8/10

Publisher: Heye (Germany), published Jan 2015 Title:  “Cruise”, Artist: Anders Lyon, 1500 pieces  OUR RATING: 8/10 Another brand new 2015 Heye puzzle hits my JigBoard! This one is “Cruise” in 1500 pieces.  How does it stack up? Box Quality: This puzzle comes in a Heye triangular box. Yay! I love the triangular boxes and it’s a treat to be able to get a new puzzle in one. You can see the front of the above. The back is below: Top: The top of theRead more

Review: “Merry Christmas To All!”, White Mountain: 8/10

Publisher: White Mountain (US), 2011, 1000 pieces Title:  “Merry Christmas To All!”, Artist: R.J. McDonald OUR RATING: 8/10 It’s Dec 26th and this will be my last Christmas puzzle review for a while. On to new projects! 🙂 I really like multi-scene puzzles. And, of course, Christmas puzzles. So I decided to give this White Mountain puzzle a try. My initial review of White Mountain was sort of a mixed bag. But I must say, this puzzle was of far better quality. Possibly theirRead more

Review: “The Christmas Town”, WHSmith: 8/10

Publisher: WHSmith (UK), 2014, 1000 pieces Title:  “The Christmas Town”, Artist: Victor McLindon OUR RATING: 8/10 I’ve been trying to do ALL of the limited edition Christmas puzzles released for 2014 so that I could review them for the blog. It’s not exactly a hardship but it is a bit of a time challenge.  This is the 2014 limited edition Christmas puzzle released by WHSmith.  You can see their past year releases on our WHSmith Christmas page here.Read more

Review: “Goldenline: Fairy Book” by Lafayette Puzzle Company, 8/10

Publisher: Lafayette Puzzle Company (US), ~2012?, 750 pieces Title:  “Goldenline Fairies: Fairy Book”  Artist: Nadia Strelkina OUR RATING: 8/10 Those of you who follow my blog know that I have a soft spot for metal foil in a puzzle. So when I saw this foil series called “Goldenline Fairies,” I wanted to check it out. This puzzle is made by a puzzle company I’ve never tried before, Lafayette Puzzle Company, which is based in Lafayette, Indiana USA.  Since I have been testing various puzzle brands,Read more

Review: “Christmas Past & Present No 1” from Otter House

Publisher:  Otter House (UK), released Sept 2014 Name:  “Christmas Past & Present No 1” (limited edition) by Beatrice Grieco OUR RATING:  8/10 Otter House has entered the list of puzzle companies that release an annual limited edition Christmas puzzle.  This is their first.  First, may I say, welcome to the club!  I adore limited edition Christmas puzzles. I was very attracted to this image the moment I saw it.  It shows a street scene in an English village in an EdwardianRead more

Review: Max in the Adirondacks by Charles Wysocki, Buffalo Games

I’ve been trying out some new brands of puzzles I’ve never done before for my Brand Comparison Review.  Of the Buffalo Games offerings, I was drawn to this Charles Wysocki image. Wysocki normally does Americana landscapes, but I liked he fact that this was a much closer, more intimate view. I also was attracted to all the detail in the image. So what’s the verdict? I’ll be doing a full brand analysis for Buffalo Games soon, but for this reviewRead more

Review: Ravenburger’s “The Christmas Farm”

SCORE:  85 Box:  10/10 Image Quality (colors, sharpness):  8/10 Piece & Fit Quality:  9/10 Fun Factor:  7/10 Total Score:  34/40 or 85% Box:  10 The box, as usual from Ravensburger, is of very high quality. The cardboard is sturdy and heavy and the colors are bright. The box design is very appealing with an image and name on the side for vertical shelving. Image Quality:  8 The image is very soft. You can see in the people’s faces that thereRead more

Review: Bunnies Vs Wolves by Heye

  Manufacturer:  Heye      Artist:  Francois Ruyer    Year:  2014    1000 Pieces, Triangular box         Purchase in the US (Puzzlewarehouse);   in UK (Amazon) I’m a big fan of Heye cartoon puzzles.  Francois Ruyer has done a few puzzles for Heye, and I hope he does many more.  I really enjoyed his “Bunnytown” (my review here).  2014’s “Bunnies Vs Wolves” is also very good.  Filled with bunny and wolf characters that are dressed similarly, you haveRead more