New Spring puzzles from Bits and Pieces and Gibsons

There are a few new puzzles filtering out for Spring. Gibsons has put this one on their ‘new product’ page — a new Steve Crisp. I love it! Bits and Pieces has releases their Spring puzzles.  You can see them here (and their new puzzles are currently on sale).  Here are my favorite. Rose Cottage (shaped puzzle) by Rosiland Solomon I’m always happy to see a new shaped puzzle and this one is very nice! It comes in 750 orRead more

2015 Puzzles: Bits And Pieces Winter Puzzles

Bits and Pieces has put up 60 new puzzles for winter. You can see them all here.  Below are some I wanted to share on the blog. “Dream of the White Lion” by Liz Goodrick Dillon, 300 or 750 pieces A brand new shaped puzzle! Yay! And it’s lovely too. Definitely my favorite of the new puzzles.   “Ice Cream Parlor” by Helz Cuppleditch, 500 or 1000 pieces Bits and Pieces released a Christmas “blackboard” style puzzle last month fromRead more

New Christmas puzzles from Bits and Pieces!

A lot of puzzle companies have 1 or 2 major releases of puzzles during the year — usually January and, if there’s a second, in the June/July time frame. But Bits and Pieces dribbles out new releases all year, as well as bringing back into print some of their older titles that have been out of stock. For that reason, I hit their website at least once a week, hoping for something new and/or long coveted. Today they had someRead more