New Puzzle Round-Up: April 2019

I was going to talk about a specific brand today, but instead I saw a few things I wanted to feature in a lot of different brands so…. let’s just talk new puzzles! We’re still getting in new 2019 puzzles from Europe — brands like Schmidt and Anatolian. And our perennial favorites have new releases too. So let’s see what’s in today’s array. COBBLE HILL There’s a Buy-2-Get-One-Free sale on Cobble Hill running now through April 24th, so time toRead more

Review: “A Stroll Through Central Park, NYC” By Huber Images, Schmidt, 8.25/10

Publisher: Schmidt (Germany), published 2017 Size: 1000 pieces  Title:  “A Stroll Through Central Park, NYC” by Huber Images Finished size: 27.3″ x 19.4″ (693 x 493 mm) OUR RATING: 8.25/10 Are you in the mood for fall? I am! Our fall leaves are not out yet here in Pennsylvania, so I decided to get my fix from this puzzle. Let fall begin! MORE FALL FOLIAGE PUZZLES Check out more fall puzzles currently in stock here. Box Quality:  (8/10) The Schmidt Premium boxesRead more

New Puzzles — August 2016

I’m a bit early with August’s new puzzles post, but there are too many cool things to talk about to wait! NEW IN STOCK We have some exciting new releases in stock at Puzzle Warehouse. Below are my picks, but you can see all the new puzzles for the past 30 days here. SUNSOUT Sunsout has released 120 new titles!  Some of the puzzles I talked about last month are now in stock. Can you tell I’m excited! 🙂 “Boy’s Stocking” andRead more

Schmidt Premium added to our Brand Comparison!

A few weeks ago, a blog reader named Ginny contacted me with a question about Schmidt quality. She’d done a recent Schmidt puzzle and loved the quality, but then tried an older Schmidt puzzle and was disappointed. She found out via another website that Schmidt has recently introduced (2015) a new line called “Premium Quality”, which really is an overhaul of their puzzle quality. It turned out I had purchased one of these with my January Heye order, so I decidedRead more

Schmidt: New Puzzles 2016!

There are some new puzzles on the Schmidt website. A few of these are already on so they were released late 2015. Others are not yet released. Here’s a link to their website so you can see them all. The ones I show below are those that particuarly interest me. Unfortunately, the artists’ names are not given on the website. Four new “Come to Life” puzzles, 1000 pieces each “Tiger Attack”, 500 pieces “Wolf in the Moonlight”, 1000 piecesRead more

2015 Puzzles: Schmidt First Look!

The Schmidt puzzle site isn’t featuring these puzzles yet, but you can find them if you sort by ‘newest’. Here are at least some of the brand new images for 2015. Trust Schmidt to give us some excellent new fantasy puzzles! I don’t know when these puzzles will be available, but I’ll post when I find them. “Fauchender Tiger”, “Heilige Kobra”, “Leuchtender Lowe”, and “Weise Eule” by artist Chris Saunders. All 1000 pieces I’ve never seen artist Chris Saunders inRead more