Review: “Wharf Street” by Benjamin Williamson, Springbok — 7.75/10

If you like random-cut puzzles, larger pieces, and a bit of a challenge in your jigsaws, you'll love "Wharf Street" by Springbok. The photographic image has painterly qualities. The central part of the image, with the bright colors, flags, and reflection in the puddle, is fun and easy to assemble. But the large amount of cobblestones in the foreground are tricky to piece together, and there're quite a lot of dark pieces too. The Springbok quality is excellent with a tight fit and creative cut. But the surface of the puzzle is shiny and does give off glare under overhead lights.

Springbok: New Puzzles for Winter 2016

Springbok is a US puzzle company with good quality puzzles.  They tend to do more photographic puzzles and collages, but also have a few drawn/painted puzzles. You can see our Springbok brand comparison here. They've just added 16 new puzzles for winter 2016. I show my favorites below but you can see them all here. “The Melody Shop”... Continue Reading →

2015 Puzzles: New from Springbok

Springbok has put up their new January puzzles. If you're a fan of photographed collages, you'll be pleased. If not, there's not much for you in the new set. You can see the entire line-up here.  I've pulled what I think are the best of the lot. Cake Pops, 1000 pieces Colorful Caps, 1000 pieces Vacation... Continue Reading →

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