New Sunsout, Jumbo, Wasgij 2017!

More new 2017 puzzles have been announced! You can add your favorites to your Christmas eve dreams of sugarplum fairies — and jigsaw puzzles.   SUNSOUT 2017 Sunsout has new releases throughout the year, but these are my favorite picks of the new puzzles from their just-released 2017 catalog. Most of these are already in stock at Puzzle Warehouse! You can see the entire 2017 catalog here. “Garden Peacock” by Aimee Stewart, 1000 pieces A brilliant new shaped puzzle! This one is already inRead more

New Wasgijs in stock!

The latest and greatest Wasgij puzzles have arrived at Puzzle Warehouse plus a lot of older ones are back in stock! Check them all out here. Here are the brand new ones: WASGIJ BACK TO #2: 14TH CENTURY CASTLE WASGIJ CHRISTMAS #12: THE BIG TURN ON WASGIJ ORIGINAL # 24: A VERY MERRY HOLIDAYS WASGIJ DESTINY #16: OLD TIME ROCKERS WASGIJ MYSTERY #12: THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS! WASGIJ IMAGINE #2: IF THE WHEEL HADN’T BEEN INVENTED Grab them while you can!Read more

New Wasgij: Original #24, Back To #2, and Christmas #12!

I found three new Wasgij puzzles on the web today. I love Wasgij puzzles and I’m always happy to see new ones. These should be available in the US in short order. For those who have never done a Wasgij, the idea is that the puzzle you assemble is  not the box image, but some spin on the box image. WASGIJ ORIGINAL #24:  “A Very Merry Holiday”, 1000 pieces In this puzzle, the image you assemble is a “180 degreesRead more

4 New Wasgij

I’m starting to see some new puzzles coming out. Watch for our feature on the new House Of Puzzles line-up coming JULY 19 including 12 new 1000 pieces puzzles, 8 new BIG 500, and the 2015 Christmas puzzles. Other Christmas puzzles typically announce in July too. I’ll post them as I see them. Here are the new Wasgij! Wasgij Original #23: Bake Off!  1000 pieces (There’s a 250 piece extension sold separately) Wasgij Christmas #11:  Shows a holiday office party Wasgij “Back to” #1 (thisRead more

Review: “Wasgij Imagine #1: If the Conservatives Win the General Election”

Publisher: Jumbo (Netherlands), published Jan 2015 Title:  “Wasgij Imagine #1: If the Conservatives Win the General Election”, Artist: Neil Easton 1000 pieces  OUR RATING: 7.8/10 It was a rather exciting announcement when Jumbo gave us a look at a new Wasgij series called “Imagine”. The fact that they felt confident enough in it to release three different puzzles as part of the “#1” release in the series certainly peaked my curiosity. The concept of the three puzzle set called “#1 General Election” isRead more

How To: Assembling and Framing Multiple Puzzles Together

I know there are probably other puzzlers like me out there who have a bit of prejudice against any puzzle under 1000 pieces. I will occasionally get a 500 piece puzzle if I adore the image, but the thing is, a 500 piecer usually is done in the span of one evening, and it hardly seems worth the effort, especially if it’s a puzzle that has to be shipped from overseas. Plus, the resultant finished puzzle is small and not particularlyRead more

2015 Puzzles: New Wasgij Series “Imagine”!

We not only have some new Wasgij puzzles for Jan 2015, we have a whole new series. The name of the series is “Imagine”. The first release (Imagine #1) is quite an unusual approach, because it is not one but THREE different puzzles. The box image is the same for all three, but the image you will assemble will be different based on the specific ‘what if’ or ‘imagining’ per box.  In the case of Imagine #1 the set-up isRead more

2015 Puzzles: Two New Wasgij – Destiny #15 and Mystery #11

Tis the season for new puzzle releases and FIVE new Wasgij puzzles just hit the market in the UK. In addition to launching a whole NEW LINE called Imagine, which deserves it’s own post, there are two new entries in existing Wasgij series. WASGIJ MYSTERY #11:  “Childcare!”, 1000 pieces In the Wasgij mystery puzzles, you’re not assembling the image on the box, but rather a ‘what happened next’ scene based on the box image. This one looks like a lotRead more

Review: “What if Dinosaurs Still Existed?” — Wasgij “What If” No 2

Published by Wasgij (a Jumbo company), 1000 pieces, May 2014 — Artwork by Bill Houston Our Rating:  10/10 I’m a fan of the Wasgij puzzles.  The idea is that the image on the box cover is only a clue as to the puzzle image.  It makes for a nice challenge not to be able to refer to the box completely while assembling the puzzle, though usually there are element which stay the same. The original series, which is essential a reverseRead more

2014 Christmas Puzzles are here!

All of my favorite brands of limited edition Christmas puzzles have now been released for 2014. And without further ado, here they are:   Waddington’s 2014 Christmas Puzzle — “Santa’s Workhop”, 1000 pieces  (purchase link here–ships worldwide)   Ravensburger’s 2014 Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle “The Christmas Farm”  (Purchase Link Here for US and Here for UK)   House of Puzzles 2014 Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle “Christmas Treats”, 500 or 1000 pieces (purchase link here for worldwide) Falcon’s 2014 Limited EditionRead more