Review: “A Christmas Market Town” by Victor McLindon, WHSmith – 8/10

Publisher: WH Smith (UK), published 2015 Title:  “A Christmas Market Town” by Victor McLindon, WHSmith’s 2015 limited edition Christmas puzzle, 1000 pieces  OUR RATING: 8/10 First, I want to thank Jen, a Jigsaw Junkie reader, for sending me this puzzle from the UK. It’s hard to get WHSmith puzzles here in the US, and it was such a lovely and sweet gift to get in the mail. Thank you so much, Jen! Box Quality:  (9/10) The box is long and rectangular, thick andRead more

WH Smith’s Christmas puzzle & Springbok’s Christmas Ornament Puzzle

The 2015 WHSmith limited edition christmas puzzle is on their website here.  It’s difficult to get a good picture of it from their site, but below is a small image. The puzzle is called “A Christmas Market Town” by Victor McLindon and it has lots of gold foil. Springbok has also announced their Hallmark Keepsake Ornament puzzle for 2015. It’s called “Santa’s World” and is 1000 pieces. Here’s a link. Have you done any of the new Christmas puzzles yet?Read more

Review: “The Christmas Town”, WHSmith: 8/10

Publisher: WHSmith (UK), 2014, 1000 pieces Title:  “The Christmas Town”, Artist: Victor McLindon OUR RATING: 8/10 I’ve been trying to do ALL of the limited edition Christmas puzzles released for 2014 so that I could review them for the blog. It’s not exactly a hardship but it is a bit of a time challenge.  This is the 2014 limited edition Christmas puzzle released by WHSmith.  You can see their past year releases on our WHSmith Christmas page here.Read more

Review: “Winter Scene” limited edition Christmas puzzle for 2013 by WH Smith — 9/10

  Publisher: WH Smith (UK), Released 2013 Title:  “Winter Scene” by artist Sarah Adams, 1000 pieces OUR RATING: 9/10 I’ve only recently discovered the WH Smith line of limited edition Christmas puzzles. They’ve been going on since at least 1998, but since WH Smith is a UK store, and they don’t ship overseas, they’re somewhat limited to being a UK product. Fortunately, you can find them on ebay. I’ll be working on a page of all the WH Smith ChristmasRead more