“Ring-Necked Pheasants” by Linda Picken, Cobble Hill – 8.5/10

“Ring-Necked Pheasants” is a pretty wildlife puzzle with terrific fall colors. This Cobble Hill puzzle features large pieces that are sturdy, have a snug fit, and a glare-free linen finish. I really enjoyed working with the bigger pieces and they have a nice feeling in your hand. The image by Linda Picken is very peaceful and serene. The gold tones are bright and cheerful to work with. The puzzle is fairly easy due to its 500 piece size, but all the gold adds a touch of challenge. Recommended.Read more

Review: “Garden Birds” by Greg and Company, Cobble Hill — 8.25/10

Publisher: Cobble Hill (Canada), 2016 Title:  “Garden Birds” by Greg & Company  500 pieces, 18″ x 24″ Review by Jane OUR RATING: 8.25/10 Box Quality:  (8/10) The box is shown above and below. It’s an attractive rectangular box similar in size to Ravensburger and Jumbo, but it has a nice linen finish. The front does not show the artist or image name. Back: The back is a generic Cobble Hill back. There’s nothing specific about the artist or puzzle image here. The sides: The sides have a nice close-up detail fromRead more

Review: “Rosemary’s Birds” by Rosemary Millette, Cobble Hill — 9/10

This is a very fun and easy 2000 piece puzzle to assemble. The six lovely vignettes around a central image break the puzzle into many smaller scenes, giving it a collage effect. The colors of the birds and flowers are bright and there’s abundance of patterns like the wood table, wicker basket, pine needles, and pine cones, to make even the green and brown areas a delight to put together. It’s like getting seven puzzles in one. Cobble Hill is a quality brand with a random puzzle cut and attractive boxes. I would have liked to have seen more information about the artist and image on the box or included inside. Recommended.Read more

Review: “Garden Bunnies” by Mary Thompson, Sunsout — 8.75/10

Publisher: Sunsout (USA), 1000 pieces Title:  “Garden Bunnies”,  Artist: Mary Thompson    Finished size: 26.5″ x 29″ OUR RATING: 8.75/10 I love shaped puzzles, especially those with a cute spring theme. It was past time to review this classic from Sunsout.  And for the next three days you can grab it on sale for 25% off too. $12.36 is a great price for this one since it’s normally $17.99!   Here’s a link to the sale.  Read more

Review: “Poppy Garden” by Chrissie Snelling, Otter House — 8.5/10

Publisher: Otter House (UK), 2016 Title:  “Poppy Garden” by Chrissie Snelling, 1000 pieces Finished Dimensions: 27″ x 19.25″ Review by Jane OUR RATING: 8.5/10 Box Quality:  (9/10) The box is shown above and below. Otter House has “space saving” boxes, which are smaller in size, sturdy, and nicely designed. I like the smaller sized box, especially since it comes with a poster inside so you don’t have to work with a smaller box image. The box is 7.5″ x 10.25″. The front of the box hasRead more

Review: “State Birds” by Larry Balsamo, MasterPieces – 8/10

Publisher: MasterPieces (US) Title:  “State Birds” by Larry Balsamo,  1000 pieces Final dimension: over 31″ wide THIS REVIEW SUBMITTED BY PHILIP  PHILIP’S RATING: 8/10 This was an interesting puzzle to do because of its shape and my wife and I enjoyed working it and figuring out the birds. There are also some ‘special’ qualities about this puzzle that we discovered once it was completed. I will divulge those latter in the review. Box Quality:  (7/10) The box is nothing special but not thin either.Read more

Cobble Hill: New Puzzles for 2016!

The new Cobble Hill puzzles popped up today. They’re not yet on the Cobble Hill website, but they are for sale on Simple Pastimes. You can see them all here.  I’ve pulled out my favorites below. I’m most excited about the new 2000 piece puzzles. It harder to find really great 2000 piecers and these both look stellar. “Vintage Art Supplies”, 2000 pieces “Rosemary’s Birds” by Rosemary Millette, 2000 pieces I love this collection of various bird paintings. Looks like aRead more

Review: “Dream of the White Lions”, Bits and Pieces, 7/10

Publisher: Bits and Pieces (US), published 2015 Title:  “Dream of the White Lions”, Artist: Liz Goodrick Dillon, 750 pieces (also comes in 300 large pieces) OUR RATING: 7/10 This puzzle is new for 2015 and I ordered it as soon as I saw it, and put it together as soon as it arrived! So I guess you could say that I liked the image. And I always enjoy a shaped puzzle once in a while as a change up from theRead more